Lawn Care

Your lawn has specific needs that must be met for it to thrive.  That’s why Hendrick Landscape Services has created a lawn plan designed to give your lawn the right help at the right time. ��Our plan begins the first day we look at your property. This inspection is performed by a Hendrick Landscape specialist. Our program will give your lawn exactly what it needs throughout the year so your lawn can reach its full potential.  However, if our standard program does not give us the results we desire we will customize our program to fit your lawn.

Our lawn  treatment program is all-inclusive.  There are no hidden costs for problems that can occur such as fungus and/or insect infestations.  We also include lime as a part of our standard program.

Simply put, it is our objective to provide you with a beautiful lawn that your family can enjoy day after day at an exceptional value.

Shrub Care

Hendrick Landscape offers shrub services designed to give your landscape the nutrients and protection it needs to thrive.  Landscapes in our area have numerous plants that are susceptible to many insect and disease infestations.

Landscape plants accent every yard.  The need for expert shrub care often goes overlooked.  However, a flourishing landscape will enhance the overall appearance of your property and its value. We will evaluate your shrubs and determine the needs of your landscape. Then, using a tailored approach, we will give them exactly what they need to flourish.

Examples of Our Work

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